MCC Merit Judgings and NJFCC Contests

Merit Judgings

Merit Judgings are held about nine times during the club year for both digital projected images and prints. Only paid-up members may participate. In addition, there is a final end-of year competition among members in which a “Digital Projected Image of the Year” for each division/class and a “Print of the Year” for each print division / class will be chosen. In addition, the annual Dankwart Koehler Award for the best print of the year and an award for best projected image of the year will be presented. Only entries that have won an honor (medal, award or Honorable Mention) during the club year are eligible for end of year competition.

Merit Judgings are held in the following Divisions:

#1: Monochrome Projected Digital Images Division
#2: Color Projected Digital Images Division
#3: Monochrome Prints Division #4: Color Prints

A further subdivision into Classes is made in each Division:

Class “B”: Beginners & Intermediate Photographers
Class “A”: Advanced Photographers
Class “S”: Salon Class

Judges will assign points to each merit judging entry in accordance with the following criteria:

5 = below average 6 = good, but not HM potential 7 = HM 8 = Award 9 = Medal

The judges chairperson will arrange for judges from outside the club.

There is no numerical or percentage limitation on the number of Medals, Awards or HMs which a judge may award. The intent is to recognize good images. Judges are asked to provide constructive criticism in all classes.

Merit Judgings are scheduled by the program chairperson and are announced through the regular club program. Additional judgings, if any, must be announced to the members at least two months ahead of the judging meeting.

All images submitted into the “Monochrome Division” of any Monmouth Camera Club Merit Judging may only contain shades of a single color. The images may be toned (e.g., gray-scale, sepia, van dyke brown, cyanotype) but accent colors (e.g., red rose petals on an otherwise black and white image) are not permitted.

Merit Judgings are open to all Paid-up Members

All scheduled Merit Judgings are “open topic”. However, there may be one or more “special topics” Merit Judgings scheduled during the club year. For “special topics” Merit Judgings all entries will be submitted into one “class”. For certain special topics, such as “nature”, the club will follow the definitions and guidelines of the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC) and shall inform the members accordingly. See Federation website at

Members Assignment to “Classes”

New members normally enter into Class “B” but are encouraged to start at a higher Class if it matches their personal experience and level of accomplishment. A member can belong to different Class for different divisions (e.g. projected digital images versus prints) but, for any division, can only compete within the assigned Class.

Promotions to Next higher Level

Points are awarded with every honor received in a club Merit Judging and are accumulated within each division over the years. Points are awarded as follows:

Medals: 7 Points (Includes end-of-year contests)

Awards: 5 Points (includes Division / Class winners in end-of-year Competition)

HMs: 2 Points (includes runners-up in end-of-year Competition) A member moves up into the next higher class of a division if he/she has accumulated a certain number of competition points. These are currently: Class “B” to “A”: 40 Points (see Note 2) Class “A” to Salon”: 100 Points (see Note 2)

The Projected Digital Images Chairperson and Print Chairperson are responsible for keeping up-to-date membership standings and for distributing them at least once per club year. The responsibility for tracking Projected Digital Images and/or Prints points may be assigned to a club member other than the two Chairpersons.

Number of Entries, Re-submissions

Unless otherwise announced, a club member may submit up to a total of 3 images. 2 Digital Projected images and 1 Print, or 3 prints entries in any Merit Judging.


Entries not having won an honor (HM, Award, or Medal) in any prior Monmouth Camera Club Merit Judging may be resubmitted, but not more than twice. The same image, or one that is substantially similar, may not be entered in more than one Division. [Examples: Color and Black and White print of the same image or projected digital image and print of the same image.] Resubmitting variations of previously winning entries is accepted only if the change is substantial and is recognized directly or after explanation by members recalling the original entry. The final decision is at the discretion of the Division Chairperson.

Preparation of Prints for Competitions

Prints must be cardboard mounted, without glass frame The cardboard mount must be a minimum 80 square Inches (e.g.,8×10 inches) and a maximum size of 16×20 inches. All prints shall be labeled on the back in the upper left with title, maker’s name, and accomplishment class for the respective print category. No writing of any type is allowed on either the image or the mat surrounding an image. Images not complying with size requirements or having visible writing on the front will be immediately disqualified from judging.

Delivery of Merit Judging Prints

Entries should be delivered 15 minutes prior to the announced beginning of the meeting. At the discretion of the respective division chairperson, entries submitted later than the announced meeting time (typically 7:30 pm) may be rejected.

End-of-Year Competition

At the end of the club year, a final End-of-Year Competition among members will be held in which a Digital Projected Image of the Year for each division/class and a “Print of the Year” for each print division / class will be chosen. Only entries that have won an honor (medal, award or HM) during the club year are eligible for this Competition. Each member may enter up to three images in each Division/Class. This Judging may be judged either by the attending members through vote or by an outside judge. Pictures-of the-Year in each division / class will be awarded 5 points and Runners-up 2 points towards the winners’ accumulated score. A single print image will be chosen from among the individual division/class winners to receive the annual Dankwart Koehler Print of the Year award.   individual Projected Image of the Year will be also be awarded.

Digital Images for MCC Projected Images Merit
and NJFCC Judging Files
must have the following characteristics:

Image Dimension: Exactly 1050 pixels on its longest side.

File Type: JPEG only (TIFF format is not supported at this time.)

Color Space: sRGB

Image Title: Capitalize the first letter of each word, (except articles e.g., the, a, an) do not use all caps or quotes. For example: Bird Over the Calm Stream #3

Once your image files are titled correctly go to:

Login in and take your choice of methodology – #1 to upload now from the browser or #2 to download their free program to upload directly to the server from your computer’s desktop.

1. Once you have logged in take your choice of methodology for uploading images: #1 to upload now from the browser or #2 to download their free program to upload directly to the server from your computer’s desktop

2. If you click at #1 to upload your image from the web browser, and then click the “Log In” link appearing in the upper right hand corner, you will arrive here:

3. After using the drop down link to specify “Monmouth Camera Club” add your email address and click on the “Logging in for the first time?” link – subsequently, after setting your password, you will complete the form and click the “Login” button

4. Fill in the Title, click the “Browse” button and select the appropriate .jpg file from your directory listing. Then click the “Upload Picture” button and your file’s thumbnail will appear under “Your Uploaded Pictures.

5. Then click on the appropriate category for the correct contest, (e.g. Div 2-Color Beginner 1/14/2010) and then click “Upload a New Picture:

Either use the “Browse” button to select a .jpg file from your computer, or open your file management program, (e.g. Windows Explorer) and “drag & drop” a file/thumbnail to the “Or Drag Picture Here” button. Fill in the picture title, and check that the preview is showing the correct image. Then click the “Upload Picture” button, and repeat as necessary to enter the balance of the entries for this class/competition.

6. All club members will be identified by their unique email address, on record with the Membership Committee. If your previous Family Membership had only a single email address you must create a separate address for each individual member, (we suggest a web account e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail) Contact Mike Silverman at to establish a new email address/identity, as you cannot login without a previous listed email address.

7. NJFCC uses the same software and server as MCC uses for Merit Judgings. The only difference is that the MCC digital projected image Chairperson creates contests with different NJFCC categories that must be selected for uploading your image(s). Please note that NJFCC does not have experience Divisions but they do have different categories in the “Nature” division that must be selected. It is important that you read the NJFCC “Competition Flyer” they publish each year for a list of contests and description of each category. The flyer can be found on their website at

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