MCC Rules & Instructions

MCC Merit Judgings


Merit Judgings are held about five times during the club year for both digital projected images and prints. Only paid-up members may participate. In addition, there is a final end-of year competition among members in which a “Digital Projected Image of the Year” for each division/class and a “Print of the Year” for each print division / class will be chosen. In addition, the annual Dankwart Koehler Award for the best print of the year and an award for best projected image of the year will be presented. Only entries that have won an honor (medal, award or Honorable Mention) during the club year are eligible for end of year competition.

Merit Judgings are scheduled by the program chairperson and are announced through the regular club program. Additional judgings, if any, must be announced to the members at least two months ahead of the judging meeting.

Merit Judgings are held in the following Divisions:
Division #1: Monochrome Projected Digital Images
Division #2: Color Projected Digital Images
Division #3: Monochrome Prints
Division #4: Color Prints

A further subdivision into Classes is made in each Division:
Class “B”: Beginners & Intermediate Photographers
Class “A”: Advanced Photographers
Class “S”: Salon Class

Download the MCC Merit Judgings Guide for full details, including rules and guidance on how to prepare your images and submit to merit judgings.

Additional Information and screen shots of the Submission Process:




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