Print Submissions

Preparation of Prints for Competitions Prints must be cardboard mounted, without glass frame The cardboard mount must be a minimum 80 square Inches (e.g.,8x10 inches) and a maximum size of 16x20 inches. All prints shall be labeled on the back in the upper left with title, maker's name, and accomplishment class for the respective print category. No writing of any type is allowed on either the image or the mat surrounding an image. Images not complying with size requirements or having visible writing on the front will be immediately disqualified from judging. Delivery of Merit Judging Prints Entries should be delivered 15 minutes prior to the announced beginning of the meeting. At the discretion of the respective division chairperson, entries submitted later than the announced meeting time (typically 7:30 pm) may be rejected. End-of-Year Competition At the end of the club year, a final End-of-Year Competition among members will be held in which a Digital Projected Image of the Year for each division/class and a "Print of the Year" for each print division / class will be chosen. Only entries that have won an honor (medal, award or HM) during the club year are eligible for this Competition. Each member may enter up to three images in each Division/Class. This Judging may be judged either by the attending members through vote or by an outside judge. Pictures-of the-Year in each division / class will be awarded 5 points and Runners-up 2 points towards the winners’ accumulated score. A single print image will be chosen from among the individual division/class winners to receive the annual Dankwart Koehler Print of the Year award.   individual Projected Image of the Year will be also be awarded.  

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