The following is a collection of resources that MCC members have found to be useful, informative, inspirational or simply interesting as they relate to the field of photography. MCC does not specifically endorse any products or sites which may be listed below – this is simply an open list shared by photographers for photographers.

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Learning Resources

Digital Photography School
Lots of useful information here. I highly recommend it to everyone.
– Vicki DeVico

Inspirational Photographers

Rodney Lough Jr.
Rodney’s work has been an inspiration to me. Beautiful large format landscape photography, this website doesn’t do justice to the feeling of walking through one of Rodney’s galleries.
– Andy Beldowicz

Galen Rowell
A hero in the field of nature and landscape photography, Galen’s work ethic and results remain a gold standard today.
– Andy Beldowicz

Camera Gear
Digital Photography Review
One of the more comprehensive camera and accessory review sites on the web. Extensive testing and product reviews are very helpful when considering new equipment.
– Andy Beldowicz

Technology (Hardware/Software)

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