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Chairpersons: George Schultz
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Chairperson: Peter Smejkal
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Co-Chairs: Allan Adelson / Andy Beldowicz
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The Getting Connected program was started to help all members tap into the vast knowledge and experience of the members throughout the club. Under the premise that every answer often leads to ten more questions, the program seeks to connect people at appropriate skill levels to share and absorb knowledge. Whether a chat via email, a phone conversation, or even getting together in the field – Getting Connected is about sharing and learning knowledge in photography.

All members know something about photography. You are encouraged to completed the skills inventory (Word doc | pdf) form and be willing to connect with another club member interested in discussing photography. The Getting Connected team will reach out to you for permission before sharing your contact information with any other member for the purposes of the program to ensure you are still willing and able to participate.

All members have something to learn about photography. You are encouraged to contact the team and request to be connected with someone skilled in the area you are interested in to discuss that area. With such a large club, our members are our most valuable resource. Let’s connect and learn.


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